Company Introduction

Company’s Introduction

 The company IAK Securities (Pvt) Ltd, has acquired the existing platform of Naveed Capital Services (Pvt) Ltd in November 2015. The new management team is now focused to secure corporate, institutional and foreign clientele. IAK Securities is a registered Trading Right Entitlement Certificate of the Lahore Stock Exchange Ltd, and is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
IAK’s objective is to manage focused investment strategies that are responsive to client needs while delivering long-term value. We aim to provide equities brokerage and customized portfolio management services to investors of varied classes.
The Group’s success is a team effort, as its management team, comprise of responsible, client focused members with integrity, honesty, great financial acumen and market experience, fully equipped to provide total Securities Solutions to its clients. Our highly experienced board of directors and team are the basic components of our firm; they are the prime stimulators of our growing client base in Pakistan and internationally. Each individual working for IAK, brings their element of experience to this firm which helps form a stronger affiliation between them and the clients. We are acutely aware of the persistent financial risk that the stakeholders of a brokerage firm experience; therefore client contentment and shareholder value has precedence over our other goals.


Creating an attractive and safe environment for investment.
Developing processes and methods of trading securities in the stock market.
Meeting the latest international standards
Disseminating trading information to the largest possible number of dealers and interested parties.
Enhance the public awareness of all segments of society, while devoting especial attention to dealers of   securities. Transparency and credibility in the dealings of the stock market.